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Welcome to posting.admin.ch

Welcome posting.admin.ch is a platform for information on topics relating to working and pay conditions in Switzerland and its cantons. It is intended for both Swiss and foreign companies as well as workers themselves.

posting.admin.ch provides an FAQ page for any questions foreign employers may have about their legal obligations when posting workers to Switzerland. Employers can also research whether a permit is required and which minimum pay requirements apply to the different industries and cantons.

Visitors to posting.admin.ch will also find links and contacts for additional information.

Employers temporarily posting workers to Switzerland for an assignment or to work in one of their branch offices must comply with certain pay conditions applicable in specific industries or locations.

Pursuant to the Posted Workers Act, inspections may be carried out to verify compliance with minimum pay conditions in Switzerland. The Act also provides for the laying down of mandatory minimum pay should postings repeatedly undercut the Swiss market.

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