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Law on foreign nationals

Law on foreign nationals

Switzerland has a two-tier system for admitting foreign workers. Workers from EU/EFTA countries are covered by the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons. For all other countries, only limited numbers of managers, specialists and skilled workers are admitted.

Legal foundation

Federal Act on Foreign Nationals (FNA)

Ordinance on Admission, Period of Stay and Employment (ASEO) (available in DE, FR, IT).

Ordinance on the Gradual Introduction of Freedom of Movement for Persons between the Swiss Confederation and the European Community and the Member States thereof and between the Member States of the European Free Trade Association (Freedom of Movement Introduction Ordinance, FMIO) (available in DE, FR, IT).

Ordinance on Entry and the Granting of Visas (VGO) (available in DE, FR, IT).

Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (Agreement between the European Community and its Member States, of the one part, and the Swiss Confederation, of the other, on the free movement of persons) (available in DE, FR, IT).


Directives on the gradual introduction of freedom of movement for persons (available in DE, FR, IT).

Joint directive on the impact of the Agreement with the EU on the Free Movement of Persons and the EFTA agreement on personnel placement and the hiring of services (available in DE, FR, IT).

Directive on international wage comparison (available in DE, FR, IT).
Calculation spreadsheet for the directive on international wage comparison