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Occupational health and safety

Regulations for occupational health and safety are found in the Employment Act (EmpA) and the related Ordinances (EmpO 1 through 5, available in DE, FR, IT) as well as the Accident Insurance Act (AIA, available in DE, FR, IT). The Employment Act regulates health protection in general (except the prevention of occupational illnesses), planning approval, working hours and protective measures for young people and pregnant/nursing women. The Accident Insurance Act covers accident insurance and occupational safety, namely the prevention of workplace injuries and occupational illnesses.

The cantonal labour inspectorates and, in some cases, SECO are responsible for enforcing the Employment Act. Enforcement of the Accident Insurance Act is divided among the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (Suva), cantons and SECO, which carry out workplace inspections and verify statutory compliance.

Additional information on occupational health and safety can be obtained from SECO (available in DE, FR, IT) or the cantonal labour inspectorates (available in DE, FR, IT). Construction work is subject to special regulations (Construction Industry Health and Safety Ordinance, CIHSO, available in DE, FR, IT).

Social insurance

Workers are generally insured in their country of work. Workers posted to another country will continue to be subject to the legislation of their country of origin as long as this posting does not exceed 12 months and they are not sent to replace another worker whose posting is coming to an end.