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What to expect in the event of an inspection

Checklisten und Praxis

As a posted worker, you may be audited at your place of work by labour inspectors.

If this occurs, please follow the guidelines below to streamline the inspection process:

  • Cooperate with the inspectors' requests. The purpose of the inspection is not to harass you, but to prevent social and/or wage dumping, which ultimately harms workers.
  • Grant inspectors access at any time to the workers and workplace to be inspected.
  • Answer the inspectors' questions clearly and respectfully to keep the inspection as short as possible.
  • Answer the inspectors' questions truthfully. You will be asked to sign your statements.
  • Always carry your ID (passport or ID card) with you, as well as your completed notification form, health insurance card and, for self-employed persons, your trade licence. These documents must be shown to the inspectors.

If the inspection reveals any discrepancies with the provisions applicable in Switzerland, the inspecting bodies may send your company a letter requesting to see additional documents. The requested documents must be submitted to the inspecting bodies in full, on time and in German, French or Italian.