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Obligations to Swiss authorities

Obligations to Swiss authorities

Bodies enforcing the accompanying measures

The following bodies are authorised by the government and may issue binding directives to employers:

Joint commissions (JC) enforce compliance with collective employment contracts. They are composed of worker and employer representatives in equal numbers.

Tripartite committees (TPC) are responsible for preventing wage dumping in industries without generally applicable collective employment contracts. They are composed of representatives of the government, employers and workers. Tripartite committees are found at cantonal level, with an additional one acting at the federal level. Where workers have been posted from abroad, tripartite committees enforce compliance with standard employment contracts stipulating mandatory minimum pay.

Cantonal labour inspectorates enforce compliance with general regulations on occupational health and safety as well as regulations relating to work and rest periods.

The Swiss Accident Insurance Fund, Suva, also enforces compliance with health and safety regulations.

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO, supervises the JCs' and TPCs' enforcement of the Posted Workers Act.

The State Secretariat for Migration, SEM, is the competent federal authority for the law on foreign nationals.

Cantonal migration and labour-market authorities are responsible for enforcing the law on foreign nationals. This is where you must apply for residence and work permits for postings from the EU lasting more than 90 days. In the case of workers from non-EU countries, permits are required for postings of any length.

The VAT Main Division of the Federal Tax Administration, FTA, is responsible for collecting VAT.


This chart shows whether you must apply for a permit before beginning work in Switzerland or if, alternatively, you are required only to submit notification to authorities. The chart applies both to foreign service providers and to workers starting a job with a Swiss employer. Click here for more information.

If you are providing services in Switzerland and are required to submit advance notification, please note that you must wait eight days after submitting notification to begin work. For example, you must wait until 29 July to begin work if notification was submitted on 21 July. Click here to go to the online notification portal.

If you need a work permit, you can apply for one directly with the local cantonal authority. Click here to find the appropriate authorities.

Please note that authorisation is required for work performed at night or on Sundays. For more information, contact your cantonal labour inspectorate.

Please note that you are required to pay Swiss VAT for work performed in Switzerland. All companies with a worldwide turnover of at least CHF 100,000 are subject to the value-added tax. They are required to pay VAT in Switzerland from the first franc of sales. Click here (available in DE, FR, IT) for VAT registration and additional information.

You may also be subject to additional economic, health and safety, and industry regulations as well as requirements relating to your specific trade.